Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a form of alternating fasting. You have different forms of Alternate-day fasting: 24 hours fasting, max. 500 calories, 40% protein. After that 24 hours of eating your own diet: keep repeating both of these.

16/8 fasting 16 hours of fasting. The remaining hours of the day take two to three meals with high protein content.
5:2 fasting Fast for two days a week, max. 500 calories. The other five days you apply your own diet.
24h fasting 24 hours fasting for one day a week. For the rest of the days, you have to apply your own diet.
The Warrior Diet You can have one big meal a day, during the 20 hours you fast. You follow this up every day of the week.


Intermittent fasting for beginners