Mayr Method

Fasting, no water with meals, and chewing your food 40 times

The Mayr Method is as much about the way you consume food as much as what to consume. For instance, one of the core elements of the diet is chewing food forty times before swallowing. Also, a glass of water with your meal is a no-go.

Drinking a glass of water with or directly after the meals, dilute your digestion liquids. Which delays the digestive process, making it less effective. In turn, the result is a less nourishing meal. Which leaves you unsatisfied and makes you eat more. So instead drink plenty of water in between meals, that will allow the body to produce digestion liquids the moment they are needed.

The basics

  1. Eat really slowly, the slower the better. Remember the 40 chew rule? Phones are also banned at mealtimes, to promote an element of mindfulness.
  2. Stop eating as soon as you start to feel full. And never eat on the go.
  3. Only drink water between meals, never when you’re eating.
  4. Eat lots at breakfast, less at lunch, and least at dinner, and never, ever skip breakfast, if you must forgo one due to a busy schedule, let it be dinner.
  5. Always have dinner before 7 pm.
  6. Don’t eat raw food after 3 pm, anything later should be cooked.
  7. Got a feeling it doesn’t agree with you? Don’t eat it! The clinic recommends muscle testing to work out where your intolerances lie.